Sweet Relief, The Maine Marijuana Shop on Rt. 1, Northport, ME 04849

Sweet Relief, The Maine Recreational Marijuana Shop on Rt. 1, is on the corner of 1 Priest Road and Rt. 1, in Northport, 04849.                                   
We are open from 10:30 PM until 6:00 PM every day. We have plenty of the best Flower, Edibles, and THC Vapes available from over 20 suppliers from all over the state of Maine.

Johnny giving a press briefing on Oct 9th, 2020, when we opened for the first days of Recreational Sales in the state of Maine. We were one of the Original 5 stores that opened that first day, almost 3 years ago. That is Zak, President of the Northport Select Council on the right.

Here are the first customers of the day, on the first day of sales!

Here is a picture of Johnny, with the GROW on the Cover of The Patient Handbook back in 2017.

Ploy introducing some jars of Bud.

Sweet Relief was on one of the Original 5 shops that opened, 
for the first recreational sales in the state back in 2020!

Here is a picture of Ploy, with the Northeast LEAF Magazine when she was Budtender of the month!
Way to go Ploy!

Inside The Sweet Relief Shop
1 Priest Road, and Rt. 1, Northport, ME

Our Registered Kitchen onsite!!!!

     The on site kitchen has been approved by the Department of Agriculture, so the Edibles are all made at the shop. Please come and see the home made edibles, and try one for yourself.

Thank you. 
Please come in, and see what we do.
I can't wait to see you.

Our Farm is located just minutes away. However, we are no longer Medical Growers.

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  1. Sweet Relief is not just a place to get your bud. Johnnie and his wife are very inviting, very pleasant and not just our local neighbor. He has a wealth of knowledge about anything to do with weed. Thanks Gary from Belfast.


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